What makes the modular design of the new LFS dairy and food filling machines so customer-friendly?

LFS Modular Design Rendering

One of the main benefits of the LFS filling machine for Dairy and Food manufacturers is that due to its modular design, the LFS offers high flexibility that allows the machine to adapt to changing product requirements and market trends.

Let’s say a customer orders a machine for a specific product, but after a period of time realizes that the product is not being received as well as it they planned for; the customer is able to make updates to the machine that will allow them to change with such a demanding market.

Perhaps they consider changing the packaging to make it more attractive at the point-of-sale to consumers. That’s why the LFS stands out with this significant niche benefit; because the machine can quickly be adapted to whatever packaging or product changes the customer would like to produce while allowing the changes to be made to the machine line they currently have. This is one of the key benefits that makes this machine so customer-friendly.

LFS Filling Machine for Dairy and Food Manufacturers

Due to its modular design, the LFS is capable of interchanging modules, or even adding completely new modules, right at the customer’s plant! For example, exchanging the rollstock film station with a die-cut foil station, making it possible to handle another sealing material on the very same machine line.

In addition, the operator can exchange the carrier plates for cup format changes, for example from round to square shaped cups, without any tools needed. Alternatively, we offer a sequential indexing configuration, which enables handling two different cup formats on the same machine, without format changes needed. Further, an integrated CIP system ensures automatic cleaning of the filling unit, allowing the machine to easily change from one product flavor to another.

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The LFS is our answer to our customers’ needs for filling technology advancements that allows them to plan for now, and later, as their product market requirements change. It combines our decades of industry experience with our customer’s wish list of technology advancements. The LFS filling machine offers great flexibility and high performance, while ensuring reliable processes and easy operation.

Don’t hesitate to take your production to the next level with the new LFS! Email us at to learn more.


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Sales and Marketing Manager

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