Quick & Precise Cup Filling Machine For Dairy & Food

Osgood S-Series Cup Filling

The Osgood S-Series is one of our most popular cup-filling machines on the market for a reason. The Osgood S-Series inline cup filling, sealing, and lidding machine has been designed and built for unique customization for the dairy and food industries.

All-servo driven, the S-Series is extremely precise with very high output for a variety of foods being filled into preformed containers. It covers an all-encompassing range of products in the food, dairy, and beverage industries, handling products ranging from liquids, pump required viscous and dry solid products.

This customized margarine-filling machine was carefully maneuvered through our manufacturing floor and loaded onto the freight truck which took it across the country to its new home. Start-up and commissioning was a snap, allowing the margarine manufacturer to quickly ramp up production, ship saleable product and filling food retailers’ shelves in no time.


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This servo inline filler can reach an output of up to 60,000 cups per hour on viscous products and incorporates an ultra-hygienic base, all servo-operations, a user friendly HMI and ergonomic slide out stations. The streamlined, hygienic design optimizes sanitary conditions and simplifies the cleaning process. The industry leading Osgood “O-ringless” tank style pump provides consistent fill volumes across all lanes, decreased CIP times and no chance of foreign object recalls caused from worn, broken o-rings falling into. The S-Series machine meets 3-A sanitary standards (3-A SSI), ensuring that the product is hygienically handled throughout the filling and packaging process.

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