Top Dairy Packaging Trends for 2020

Top Dairy Trends for 2020

The dairy industry is always one step ahead of when it comes to packaging advancements. According to Mordor Intelligence, “the growing culture of healthy snacking, higher consumption of ready-to-eat foods, and the rise in online and mobile shopping is altering the way food is being purchased and consumed. This coupled with the changing consumer lifestyles to more health-conscious eating is expected to have an impact on the market.”

In order to comply with strict food safety regulations, dairy and food producers and manufacturers increasingly opt for advanced hygienic filling and packaging technologies. The advancement of these hygienic filling technologies prevent contamination, simplify cleaning processes, and reduce product waste.

Osgood Ultra-clean Machines offer an extended, preservative-free shelf life for refrigerated products, while aseptic machines offer shelf lives of up to a year outside of a cooling chain.

The continuing trend of consumers’ busy lifestyles ramps up an ever growing need for single-serve portions and prepared meals. The demand for these preformed containers calls for equipment that can run format changes quickly and easily. This way, brand owners can use a variety of packaging styles to stand out at the point of sale.

A larger amount of consumers are now shopping with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Nutritious and sustainable products have risen to the top of consumer interests when purchasing their outer aisle fresh dairy and food products. They seek out products that are nutritionally dense and organically produced, as well as containing fewer artificial additives. Producers are well advised to emphasize such product attributes on their packaging.

In summary, the top trends for the dairy packaging industry are food safety, convenience, and healthy eating. 

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