High-speed solution for packaging multiple candies in a pouch

The ‘more’ the merrier! Do you want to offer something ‘more’ to your candy customers? Why don’t you define “more” to us and let us help you to find the right solution.Whether it is packaging more candies or multicoloured candies in a single pouch, we at Syntegon provide you the right solution for packaging these ‘more’ candies – our BVK 2000A.

The BVK 2000A is a reliable high-speed flow wrapping machine with the latest state-of-the-art technology for packaging standard candy products. It is an engineering marvel delivering highest efficiency with uncompromising highest package quality. This highly flexible machine can wrap different product shapes and candy types.

□ Designed speed 2000PPM
□ Consistent performance throughout machine life
□ Easy cleaning and maintenance
□ Quick changeover
□ Robust design for round the clock production operations
□ Optional features for uninterrupted production.
□ High machine efficiency

Based on your requirement we offer you a customized solution to handle your requirement of multiple candies, also jelly candies.

If you are looking out for a high-speed, reliable and flexible solution for packaging of multiple or multicolored candies then contact us. We at Syntegon will offer you the best solution for your product. Happy packaging!


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