Syntegon finds new ways: commissioning from afar

The commissioning and ramp-up of an Ampack filling machine in China had to be stopped due to the coronavirus. To help the customer to a quick production start-up, the experts of Syntegon came up with a clever idea.


To complete the open tasks, the technical experts at Syntegon in Germany connected with the local service technicians through a video conference software. This way, the local team could be guided step by step in order to finalize the open tasks at the machine. Included were for example welding and wiring works. After completion of these tasks, a VPN connection was established to commission the new dosing station remotely.

The quick intervention of both our expert teams in Germany and in China was a complete success and helped the customer to a fast production start-up. As a result, the food products could be reliably supplied to the Chinese market.


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