Keeping the tension: Clutch upgrade for your Osgood filler

Improved control and easy adjustments: The Clutch upgrade for your Osgood filler equipped with a rollstock assembly will replace your current friction disc clutch with an all-new fluid clutch. This upgrade comes as a complete package including a new pulley as well as new scrap rolls to allow improved control through quick and easy adjustments to the scrap tension.Further, both clutch and friction disks will be removed and eliminate dust and debris build-up in the rollstock cabinet of your machine.

Your benefits:
  • Complete upgrade: No need to order additional parts
  • Improved control: Easy adjustments of scrap tension
  • No more dust build-up within the rollstock cabinet


This pre-assembled Clutch upgrade comes with full documentation and does not require a service technician. You install your new Clutch yourself as per your schedule.

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