The future of dosing

Complex products such as multi-layered or swirled desserts are real eye-catchers in chilled cabinets. To keep things that way, food manufacturers need to constantly adapt and renew their product portfolios. This results not only in product diversity but also in smaller batches. Dosing systems therefore have to meet very specific requirements while at the same time minimizing machine downtimes during changeovers. Added to this are increasing hygiene requirements that require more intensive cleaning processes when changing products.


Versatile, future-proof dosing systems

Given today’s extensive requirements and tomorrow’s potential developments, it can be difficult to make the right choice for a dosing system. With its new modular dosing unit, including five flexibly selectable dosing systems, Bosch Packaging Technology now covers around 90 percent of all food products that are filled into containers or bottles. Depending on the dosing system used, the unit is suitable for a wide viscosity range from 1 to 25,000 millipascal seconds (mPas), covering everything from liquid and viscous products to high-viscosity foods with chunks up to 25 millimeters in diameter.

The five flexibly selectable dosing systems include rotary slide, cone nozzle, flat valve and two versions of the cutting slide. Each dosing system is available in four different volume ranges from 50 to 600 milliliters and more.  The dosing systems are suitable for liquids with fruit flesh and fibrous materials between 1 and 1,500 mPas, each adapted to the product to be filled. The cutting slide covers a particularly wide range from 1 to 25,000 mPas and can be used for everything from milk to ready meals.


High hygiene standards with short changeover times

With its different dosing systems, the dosing unit can be variably integrated into all Bosch filling machines for cups and bottles, including thermoforming machines and covers hygienic versions clean, ultra-clean and aseptic. Several dosing systems can be flexibly combined to fill multi-layered products, such as puddings with cream toppings, or to create patterns. Changing the dosing nozzles is quick and easy: The dosing plate is height-adjustable by 40 centimeters which improves accessibility for changing of dosing nozzles. The dosing systems can also be retrofitted to different hygiene levels and thus offer food manufacturers the greatest possible flexibility.





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