Make shelf life your competitive advantage

Extend the shelf life of your bakery products


Bakery products are an essential part of a balanced diet. Today, a wide variety of bakery products can be found on supermarket shelves. However, like many processed foods, bakery products are subject to spoilage. In order to increase time for shipping and retailing, while still offering the customer a fresh, resilient and flavorful product, maximizing shelf life is essential.


Hermetic Sealing

One of the key factors in order to preserve the quality of your bakery product is hermetic sealing. All Bosch flow wrappers allow hermetic sealing, however, especially equipped for this purpose is the Pack 301 LD wrapper. Its long dwell sealing unit enables sealing times of up to one second, ensuring airtight, hermetically sealed packages. It is ideal for fresh, perishable goods as well as products packaged in thicker film.


Pack 301 LD

Hermetically sealed packages with the Pack 301 LD horizontal flow wrapper



Modified Atmosphere Packaging

To increase shelf life even further, wrappers can be equipped with a gas flushing unit allowing modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Air inside the package is replaced with a protective gas mix. The mixture can be optimized for the specific product you are packaging to ensure an optimal performance.


Preserving Liquids

Another way to extend products’ shelf life is to use a liquid dosing unit (ATEX 95 qualified equipment). A preserving liquid is sprayed on the baked product before it is packaged. This prevents microbiological organisms to spoil the food.

With Bosch solutions your product will live up to today’s customer expectations and have an overall improved quality with a fresher taste and smell. In addition, the increased time for shipping and retailing will decrease waste at retailers, resulting in fewer returns. Apart from cost savings, the extra time for shipping expands the geographic market potential, making new retailers prospects for your baked goods.


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