Trimmer Rebuild Kits for your Bag Closer

Sharp blades, easy cutting and essential reduction of wear on the entire assembly are ensuring product quality and production performance. Therefore, a regular change of your Bag Closers Trimmer Blades is the best preventive maintenance to ensure these conditions.

Clear indicators for a necessary rebuild are wavering bag appearance, squealing or binding operation, excessive chatter, reduced trimmer blade longevity or an average of two years use total on a single shift.

Shipped to your site, the Trimmer Rebuild Kit consists of all parts that are necessary to exchange the worn-out top trimmers of your machine with brand new parts including blades, blade covers, shafts and hardware.

Invest in preventive maintenance of your machine now to save costs in the long term and ensure performance and quality of your packaging product with brand new Top Trimmers for your machine.

Suitable machines:

Bag closers with bag top trimmers

• B500

Available Kits:

• 8-110-982-062 2000 Trimmer Kit A&D
• 8-110-982-067 2000 Trimmer Kit B&C
• 8-110-984-046 B550 Trimmer Kit A&D
• 8-110-984-047 B500 Trimmer Kit B&C
• 8-110-988-646 DRD Trimmer Kit A&D
• 8-110-988-647 DRD Trimmer Kit B&C

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Please contact your Bosch partner if you are interested in this program. We are pleased to show you how we can make Bosch equipment work better for you.


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