FachPack: Bosch presents all new Case Packer Elematic 2001

“The cat’s finally out of the bag.” With the press release in mid-July, Bosch announced its new development – the Elematic 2001 WA as innovative case packer. Bosch presents the Elematic 2001 at Fachpack 2019 to the public for the first time: the visitors will have the opportunity to experience the machine live and in a Virtual Reality World.

The Elematic expands its extensive wraparound platform. The machine is configurable, covering the range from compact, cost-efficient basic machines to flexible pack styles and complex high-performance variants.

What makes the new Elematic 2001 so special?

The machine has a reduced footprint compared to the previous edition and it offers a maximum flexibility in terms of different pack styles.

Thanks to its efficient use of packaging materials, Elematic 2001 makes a special contribution to sustainability. The new HMI 4.0 touchscreen provide access to future I4.0 standards.

“With a speed of up to 40 packs per minute and a bundling capacity of up to 600 products per minute, the Elematic 2001 is one of the fastest and most flexible case packers on the market. The machine is available in different versions for wrap-around cartons, trays with inner or outer sleeves,” explains Bernhard Vaihinger, Product Manager at Bosch Packaging Technology.

Format changes are easy to perform, taking about six minutes. There is no need for further adjustments since the machines gets the ‘first case right’.

Elematic 2001 WA

Format variety – including bags

The case packer can handle a large selection of pack styles, such as flow wraps, cartons, cups and thermoforms. The new Elematic 2001 was developed specifically for products that are difficult to process, such as bags.

“We use a special process that allows carton forming without any pressure on the product,” Vaihinger explains.


The Elematic 2001 features a number of new, out-of-the-box innovations. First of all, the machine’s frame pillar comprises an integrated granulate tank, which automatically feeds granulate into the hot glue melt station throughout the production process. This eliminates any risk of injury from hot glue and reduces the frequency of refilling.

Thanks to a newly developed blank feed movement, the Elematic 2001 has a higher tolerance for blanks that are slightly bent due to humidity and changing temperatures. As a result, fewer blanks need to be thrown away, contributing to a more sustainable production.

Elematic 2001 with compact and flexible design

The case packer stands out for its compact, ergonomic and simple machine design. The machine has a unique operating side which allows the operation and refilling of the magazines from one side.

To learn more about the case packer Elematic 2001, visit FachPack in Nuremberg, Germany from September 24 to 26, 2019 in hall 1 at booth 204.

At the Pack Expo in Las Vegas, the new Elematic can be seen as a Virtual Reality demo from 23 to 25 September 2019 at stand C-2800.

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