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Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Iceland are not only associated with polar lights, holiday or polar bears. Traditional delicacies such as oat biscuits, chocolate truffles or licorice chocolate are also very popular there, as in Germany.


The special feature of the Scandinavian food manufacturers based on their long tradition and proven recipe. They are often small or medium-sized companies but sell their products on international markets. Because of this, they face the challenge of increasing production requirements and have to optimize their production halls through automated production and packaging processes.

The Elematic 3001 WA Compact is a perfect fit and sets new standards in terms of small-footprint. The case packer was designed for production halls with limited space and able to produce large packs on a small area. The Elematic optimally can be integrated into the complete packaging line. As an end-of-line packaging solution, the Elematic 3001 WA Compact offers the proven advantages in terms of ease of operation, format changeover and flexibility.


Maximum performance with a small-footprint

The Elematic 3001 WA Compact is an adapted solution from the large Elematic 3001 family, which complements the proven Elematic series and can produce pack styles such as trays, full wrap around or ledge tray. Regarding to the maximum packaging size of 600 x 400 x 300 mm, this case packer justifiably calls the name “Compact” because it can pack the same packaging size as the large Elematics, but in smaller frame. After just four meters, the finished package leaves the machine.



The machine was developed with a focus on one-piece pack styles, which is still the most common type of packaging in Scandinavia. This is optimally suited for the transport protection of the products during a long delivery way.





Easy to use

Special benefits of the case packer is extremely user-friendliness. The blanks can be inserted into the machine without any stress and strain on the back – regarding to the ergonomically designed and low blank magazine. Thanks to the open design, the machine is easy to access and easy to clean, the Elematic Click System, which is standard on the Elematic 3001 series, allows format changes toolless and is fully reproducible.


Are you eating a Scandinavian chocolate bar right now? Maybe it was packed with the Elematic 3001 WA Compact.


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