Big to Small – Elematic 3001 WAH Does it All

Imagine the shelves and product packages in US shops become smaller. Just unimaginable, because we know the “Big US” and not “Small US”. The worldwide food trends of today change to small formats and take away packages. Consequently, reflected this trend in US-shelves: whether cookies, chocolate or granola – all this is available in small or take away packages.

What do the food manufacturers actually do? Do they buy a new packaging machine because they need a smaller packaging size and packaging style of chocolate or granola? Our answer is: “No”.

Bosch Elematic 3001 WAH case packer has been designed to ensure the flexibility of demand for different packing styles and sizes. Whether tray, tray and hood, full wrap-around or ledge tray – all this can be packed on the same machine. The investment pays off due to the high flexibility, robustness and quality of the machine.


Easy Pack Style Solution for Retail Ready Packaging

The change in demand to small formats and take away packages affects the placement of products on the shelf. For the point of sale, it is quite clear: whether new chocolate bars or well-known biscuits in mini size – the transport carton should consider two important requirements, namely display effect as well as cost and time savings of product placement on the shelf.



Our Elematic 3001 WAH case packs in simple trays over the classic full wrap-around up to the two-part display packaging. Does the chocolate manufacturer deliver the chocolate bar in two-piece transport packaging? – then you can open the upper part of the packaging with just one movement and place the chocolate bars with the lower part of the transport carton on the shelf. The perforation of the two-piece packaging makes it easy to open, taking into account the retail ready packaging design. For tamper-evident protection, the lid can be secured with the display tray by means of a glue point, the so-called tamper evidence closure.



Investment saving of food producers

The innovative click system of the Elematic 3001 WAH allows easy and tool-free format changeover in less than 10 minutes. The ergonomic design takes handling and accessibility into account. Thanks to the HMI 4.0, intuitive operation of the machine is possible, which considerably simplifies familiarization and daily use. The flexible packaging solutions combined with the high usability underline the Elematic 3001 WAH as the world’s leading solution for display and shipping cases.


Elematic 3001 WAH


Transport safety of your products

Gentle product transport despite high number of cartons on the pallet and long delivery route? No problem, because the perfect packaging solution stands in combination with our experience in packaging development itself. We are at your side as your partner to develop packaging solutions together with you, which take into account an optimal balance between the required market and cost aspects. Right from the start, we advise you and work with you to develop the right packaging for you that is both customer, cost and food friendly, so that an excellent balance is maintained between good transport protection and the display effect of your food.


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