This customer relationship is 43 machines strong


The Osgood S-Series is quickly becoming a preferred line in the US for customers needing to upgrade their basic filling and sealing machines to improved hygienic packaging equipment in response to various regulations and standards, e.g. FSMA, 3-A. One such customer, with a long-standing relationship with Osgood since 1998, recently purchased three S-series machines from Bosch, which brings their total purchases of Osgood equipment to 43 machines!

The first machine, a two lane filler for pumpable salads was installed in 1998. It was purchased to package coleslaw, potato salad, and macaroni salad. Since then, the company has added more equipment to fill other applications such as mashed potato, gravy and macaroni and cheese in various tray pack styles. The production volume has increased and the company has added multiple locations throughout the USA. To keep up with this demand, the size of machines needed has increased as well. Six to eight lane fillers are now common.

The S-series, an inline filling, sealing and lidding machine for preformed cups, stands out for its hygienic design and fully servo-driven operations for smooth, accurate filling and easy operation. The S-Series is a clean machine, with additional options for pulsed light for chemical-free packaging decontamination.

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