Higher standards are trending – part 3

In this three-part series, you can find out more about the key market trends to consider when choosing dairy and food packaging equipment.


Last but not least, dairy food producers need to focus on the growing importance of health and wellness trends. Modern consumers increasingly tend towards products that are nutritious, organically produced, containing all-natural ingredients and fewer artificial additives. Producers are well advised to serve this trend by emphasizing such product attributes on the packaging. Using a variety of pack styles to stand out on the shelf and launching special promotions calls for equipment that can run format changes quickly and easily.



Trend number 3: Convenience and health at the forefront
On the one hand, consumers’ busy lifestyles give rise to single-serve portions and prepared meals. On the other, consumers demand healthy, nutritious and sustainable products. Consequently, packaging equipment needs to offer greater flexibility to package products of varying levels of viscosity on the same line. In addition, food producers are increasingly manufacturing multi-compartment products, like hummus with filled lids, yogurt with toppings, cheesecake singles with fruit, as well as non-dairy and vegan alternatives.

Ready for the future
The future of the dairy industry is being shaped by regulations that boost food safety, calls for increased visibility and traceability, and consumers’ demand for convenient and healthy products. Having a knowledgeable partner who recognizes these market trends, understands the regulatory framework and offers state-of-the-art technology can help manufacturers turn these challenges into opportunities. With over 50 years of experience in hygienic filling technology from clean, ultra-clean to aseptic, Bosch Packaging technology provides valuable insight into the industry. Its equipment for dairy food products was granted 3A certification in the USA and EHDGC certification in the EU. Based on its wealth of experience and global network, Bosch can help dairy and food producers to produce the highest quality products at the highest levels of efficiency.

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