Higher standards are trending – part 2

In this three-part series, you can find out more about the key market trends to consider when choosing dairy and food packaging equipment.

Another key market trend directly linked to food safety is transparency, which includes clean labelling, certification by trusted third parties (3-A SSI in the US and EHDGC in the EU) as well as efficient product tracking to identify counterfeit products.


Trend number 2: Track and trace evolution

In terms of clean labelling, the European Regulation 1169/2011 significantly simplified the food labelling rules, using a specific type set to distinguish allergens, including the country of origin, and printing nutritional information on the label in a specific order. In the US, the FDA published its Food Labelling Guide in 2013, which includes recommendations for clean labelling, for example, the use of a font size of at least 1/16-inch (1.5 millimeter) for better readability.

In terms of track & trace solutions, the food industry is implementing best practices from the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. At present, the EU’s Trade Control and Expert System requires livestock and food products to be tagged with a lifetime identification number to track their movement through the food chain in the event of a disease outbreak. In the US, the FDA ran pilot projects to identify best practices in product tracing and aims to publish recommendations for US producers in the near future.


However, packaging manufacturers already offer alternative solutions. At Interpack 2017, Bosch presented a pilot track & trace project for the food industry: it demonstrated yogurt packaging using CPI software to transfer information straight to the Bosch IoT Cloud. A QR code printed on the lid of the yogurt cup allows end consumers to verify the authenticity of the product. The code can also include product-specific information, such as ingredients, allergens, recipes or special offers. While this was a pilot project, solutions for commercial use are on the horizon.


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