Kliklok MEC and Elematic 3001 – a strong duo

Food safety regulations are increasing and fierce competition among brands make it important to stand out on supermarket shelves. Food producers of all sizes need to consider automating their secondary packaging in response to current and future market demands.

Bosch Packaging Technology recently introduced an attractive secondary packaging system consisting of Kliklok MEC, a Midrange Endload Cartoner (MEC) and the Elematic 3001 sideload case packer, which offers a powerful combination of benefits: food safety, flexibility and high availability.


Keep up with the latest food safety standards

The growing risk of food contamination and costly food recalls is keeping food producers up at night. This can be easily avoided by investing in hygienically designed equipment, which eliminates product or debris accumulating inside the machine. For instance, Kliklok MEC is IP65 washdown rated, which enables easy cleaning and regulatory compliance. Available in stainless-steel, Bosch’s Elematic 3001 features internal cable rooting and outside storing of hotmelt, ensuring operator safety.



Flexibility without compromises

Case designs of the Elematic 3001


Food producers have a constant need to launch attractive and convenient pack styles. Bosch’s latest case packer answers this demand by offering enhanced flexibility, enabling manufacturers to run different pack styles on one case packer – including tray, tray and hood, full wrap-around and ledge-tray. Thanks to easy opening features and a two-piece case, retailers can easily open the case and refill the shelf.



Carton size range of the Kliklok MEC


Moreover, Kliklok MEC handles a wide range of carton sizes, for products as thin as a 2 cm (¾ inch) thick single-serve pizza to a 10 cm (4 inch) thick cake. This way you can produce a variety of cartons for promotional or seasonal launches without the need to invest in separate equipment.



Quick and easy maintenance

Last, but not least, to win in today’s competitive market, food producers must automate their production. Furthermore, they need to invest in equipment that allows easy operator access, fast and tool-less changeovers and easy cleaning. The Elematic case packer offers changeovers in under 10 minutes, thanks to its intuitive Click system that is reproducible and requires little maintenance. The open frame design of both machines enable easy access and cleaning.

Easy and adaptable format changeover


With Bosch’s secondary packaging system, you can produce cartons and cases that ensure product safety, high pack style flexibility and machine availability. Moreover, the whole system is easy to operate as it uses the same HMI, giving the same touch and feel.

Test environment active!


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