Bosch’s Wrap Around Case Packer

What do customers need to consider when looking for machinery for wrap around cases?

When looking for technologies for wrap around case packing, it is important to use the least amount of corrugated board in order to save material costs. Nevertheless, the case needs to be robust for shipping and this is secured by using hot melt.

Moreover, the equipment should offer display ready and retail-ready features in order to answer retailers request to shelf-ready packaging. Another important aspect is the flexibility of the case packer to run multiple pack styles on the same machine, like wrap around or tray with hood.


Which machines does Bosch offer for wrap around case packing and what distinguishes it from others in the market?

Bosch has over 50 years of experience in wrap around case packing. Our Elematic case packers are characterized by their efficiency and robustness. With the Elematic 3001 WA, we developed an easy and ergonomic wrap-around case packer for mid-size and big products. It sets new standards for ease of use, format changeovers and flexibility.

The low corton magazine makes handling safe and easy. With its open design the Elematic 3001 is easily accessible and the machine operation process is highly visible.

Thanks to the Elematic Click System the format changeovers on the Elematic 3001 are toolless Index pins at clear changeover points replace scales and spindles, making changeovers easy and reproducible at any time.

The case packer is very flexible and covers a wide format range as well as different pack styles. It groups products in single- or multi-row or layer collations and wraps them into corrugated or solid board.


Test environment active!


Moreover, connectivity is becoming more and more important in the industry. With our Digital Shopfloor Solutions, we can integrate decisive parameters to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency of the whole machinery lifecycle. Current machine and line conditions can be retrieved via Condition Monitoring in real-time. Operators receive an overview of parameters such as temperature or rotation speed. Moreover, the Shopfloor Management Cycle enables line and production managers to get a good overview of their machines over several facilities at any time, and to carry out continuous process improvements.

A central element for the connectivity of all Bosch’s industry 4.0 solutions is the Human Machine Interface, HMI 4.0. It offers an immediate overview of all production parameters and makes work processes more efficient.


Pack style overview:

Wrap-Around Ledge-Tray Tray Tray with hood


Your benefits at a glance:

+ Small footprint
+ Pack style flexibility
+ Fast format changeovers
+ Ergonomic blank magazine height
+ Easy to clean
+ HMI 4.0 with connectivity features



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