Coffee bags of highest quality made in the U.S.A.


Atlapac is a producer of premade flexible packaging. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio (U.S.A.) and has been in business since 1986. They are specialized in the production of premade packaging for a large variety of customers. The Atlapac team started out of a small building with just one machine but has now grown into a powerhouse making over 1,000,000 bags a day. “We have built our reputation

Atlapac flexible packaging solutions

Paul Unrue, President of Atlapac

on service and quality. Our future and the future of our customers depends on it. Therefore, we only work with the best in the business”, said Paul Unrue, President of Atlapac.

Looking for a strong partner

Atlapac has partnered with Bosch to provide coffee bags for their customers. “North America is one of the biggest markets for coffee. In fact, no country in the world consumes more coffee than the U.S. Among the large, traditional brands, we see more and more craft coffee roasters entering the market. They focus on the quality of their product and trust us to provide them with the ideal packaging. We offer bags with high product protection, great consumer appeal, long shelf life and easy usability”, explains Unrue.

With the addition of the Bosch valve application system to their block bottom bag machine, Atlapac has been able to increase their offerings and better service their customers making them a one stop shop. Atlapac now offer stock 12oz and 16oz in kraft, white, and black options as well as bag making for some of the largest printers in the U.S.

aroma protection valves applied with ultra sonic sealing technology by Bosch

New valve application system with ultrasonic sealing technology

There needed to be a 0% failure rate when applying the valve and that is why Bosch Packaging Technology was chosen to provide the valving system. The valves are applied with ultrasonic sealing versus the typical heat method. “Bosch has invested into ultra-sonic technology. It is a more stable and repeatable process compared to traditional heat seal when applying an internal one-way degassing valve to a coffee package. Also, the visual appearance is superior since the ultra-sonic seal will not distort the packaging material,” explains Alden Schiavi, Bosch Packaging sales manager coffee for North America.

“Atlapac promotes a high quality product with exceptional service. Therefore, creating a partnership with Paul and the Atlapac team is important to us. When a customer and supplier agree how to conduct business, building a long-term relationship becomes easy,” adds Schiavi.


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