Video: Virtual Reality (VR) solutions at Pack Expo 2018

Virtual Reality at Pack Expo 2018

Experiencing the newest technological advances is more thrilling than talking about it. Watch the video to learn which Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions Bosch is showcasing at this year’s Pack Expo in Chicago.

The first exhibit on display at Pack Expo 2018 is a planning tool that allows the creation of a three-dimensional image of the planned packaging system within a very short time. This enables customers to visualize how much space is needed to accommodate all the machines and how operators will access specific parts of the production line. The second solution using Virtual Reality technology is a software program developed for off-site operator training. As you will see for yourself in a minute, this is a great way to provide entertaining hands-on training without a physical machine and offers an effective learning experience. Last but not least, we are using Virtual Reality to give customers an insight into the machine and to experience its functionalities as well as to help them in their decision-making process.

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