Optimized parts management: Scheduled Delivery Service from Bosch

Bosch Parts Management Scheduled Delivery

You want to make sure to exchange your packaging machine’s wear parts on a regular, planned-out basis: For our customers in North America we can now offer the Scheduled Delivery Service. We will work with you to create an individual schedule to ensure that you have spare parts on hand right when you need them.

After a detailed analysis of your stock and machinery needs (read about our free-of-charge Stock Optimization service), we will provide a report to create your individual delivery schedule. Based on this, Bosch will ship your spare parts to you right when you need them for your machine.


This will save you time that is usually spent to place each order manually and will ensure parts arrive on time without further ado. As all of your orders are scheduled ahead of time, you can additionally save delivery costs if you decide to combine multiple orders in one shipment.

Bosch Parts Management Scheduled Delivery2

Bosch’s Scheduled Delivery Service is very flexible and adjustable to your needs: Once we have ordered your parts, they will be stored in our stock ready to be sent out according to your schedule. This will also give you the flexibility to make changes to your shipments in case your parts are needed earlier or later than originally scheduled.


As flexible as our Scheduled Delivery Service itself are our different plan options for it so you can choose the one that works best for you.


We look forward to working with you and creating a schedule that fits your needs to optimize your parts management. Please feel free to reach out to us in order to receive more information or get your individual schedule started.



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