New Virtual Reality Planning Tool “Virtual Layout”


At this year’s PACK EXPO International in Chicago, USA from October 14 to 17, Bosch Packaging Technology will present its new virtual reality planning tool “Virtual Layout” at booth S-3514. The Bosch software converts a two-dimensional sketch into a three-dimensional image of the planned packaging system within a very short space of time. The system is displayed on the customer’s hall plan on a 1:1 scale. In addition, the VR glasses and associated controllers facilitate a virtual walk-through.


Immersive 360-degree experience

“Virtual Layout helps our customers see their system in a very early planning phase. The virtual walk-through gives a very good overview,” says Pascal Witprächtiger, head of the project group Industry 4.0 at Bosch Packaging Technology.

With the help of the VR controllers, the user can move through the system virtually and can view all the machines in their original size. This immersive 360° experience gives the customer a realistic impression of the system when standing in the production hall. The dimensions of the equipment as well as its ergonomics and accessibility are quickly recognizable and easy to understand.

Lastly, a 360-degree flight video of the planned packaging system is created, which the customer can take home. “We are convinced that modern technologies, such as virtual reality, can provide valuable support in various business areas in the future,” adds Witprächtiger.


Test environment active!


Learning in a virtual environment

Bosch already offers a few VR and AR applications, including VR operator training. The educational modules cover a range of subjects, such as the removal of machine parts, with highly detailed functions, e.g. being able to zoom in or out, or move around the machine. Furthermore, in service and maintenance, initial augmented reality pilot applications are currently underway with customers.

Visitors to this year’s PACK EXPO International in Chicago can try out the Bosch Virtual Layout first hand and explore Bosch packaging systems virtually. In addition, a virtual training module on format changes can be carried out using the VR glasses.

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