Ready to reduce time required for packaging? – Part 2

Reduce time for packaging - Part 2

Manual packaging of products can be a time-consuming task. If you are looking for solutions to save time, there are various options available to get you started with automation. Read in this blog post more about the pack style pre-made “stand-up bag”.



Reduce time for packaging - Part 2

Stand-up bags offer a large area for graphics and product information. For companies producing smaller batches, so-called pre-made stand-up bags are a good option. They come with seals on three of the four sides and are available with reclosability features, such as a zipper, to enable resealing by the consumer. Band sealing machines close the top seal (fourth side) of the bag once the product is placed into it. Bags can accommodate single or multiple products. Bosch band sealers produce strong, consistent, clean and professional looking seals. Many different film types and bag styles can be used, including bags with a hole punch to hang it on the display for products such as gummies. They are also rated for clean-room operation and are validatable. Watch the video of Bosch’s economical, entry-level B-550 band-sealer. Learn more at



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