Ready to reduce time required for packaging? – Part 1

Reduce time for packaging by automating

Manual packaging of products can be a time-consuming task. If you are looking for solutions to save time, there are various options available to get you started with automation. Read in this blog post more about the pack style “horizontal flow wrap“.

Horizontal Flow Wraps

Horizontal flow wraps offer low costs per pack and have been a popular pack style in many industries for decades, such as in bakery and chocolate. Horizontal flow wrapping machines typically package the product in a single-use bag, ensuring a consistent package appearance. There are options available to add cards under the product which can improve the stability of the package. Various films with different barrier properties can be used, for example for enhanced aroma protection. A flow wrapper unwinds the packaging film from a roll and wraps it automatically around the product. This process creates a seal at the bottom of the package as well as on the leading and the trailing edges. One key component of a horizontal flow wrapper are the sealing jaws to produce a hermetically-sealed package to extend shelf life. Learn more about Bosch’s entry-level flow wrapper Pack 101 at


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 Curious to hear what customers say about the Pack 101?

“I would recommend the machine to any small-sized business” – Jason Wright, CEO and co-founder of Wilde Snacks

Watch the video to learn how start-up company Wilde Snacks adopted a Bosch Pack 101 wrapper to package bars.




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