Breaking the mould


Founded in 2012, Interbos is one of the top dairy producers in Vietnam. The company’s main facility in Hung Yen, near Hanoi, is specialized in premium dairy products, including crème desserts, fresh cheese and nutritious yoghurts.

In line with Interbos’ philosophy of delivering premium products to its customers, the company set its sights on breaking the mould for the traditional yoghurt packaging in the country. With the new aseptic filling and safe packaging the risk of quality loss and spoilage can now be avoided, especially during transport and storage without sufficient cooling. The company selected Bosch Packaging Technology for the project, trusting that a well-known brand on the global market will deliver the same results to the Vietnamese dairy producer.

BoschBosch focused on developing a versatile solution: A production line centered around Bosch’s TFA 4818 aseptic thermoform, fill and seal machine which features a fully enclosed tunnel, eliminating the need to invest in a cleanroom environment and did not require a large footprint. The machine allows the aseptic packaging of commercially sterile products for ambient temperature storage without the need for preservatives, retort processing or refrigeration. Consistently high product quality that meets FDA and VDMA standards is provided through high-precision cup wall-forming and the fully enclosed aseptic tunnel with continuous monitoring for over-pressurized sterile air. Machine sterility is also maintained during product changeovers and a series of safety features ensures the machine shuts off automatically in the event of an incident that may compromise a sterile environment.

“The experts from Bosch have supported us immensely during the development process,” says Tuan Khai, founder and general director at Interbos. “With two local technicians available, somebody was always there to provide immediate help.”



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