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Bosch Mydibel

Belgian family business Mydibel relies on Bosch to meet the latest hygienic design standards:

The son of farmers, Roger Mylle, has had a passion for agriculture since early childhood and his dream has always been to establish his own company. This dream came true in 1988 when he founded Mydibel, a producer of a wide range of chilled, frozen and dBosch - Mydibelehydrated potato products. Today, his two sons, Bruno and Carlo, are running the company processing an astonishing 150 million bags (that’s 225 000 tons!) of finished potato products per year, marketed under its own name as well as private label brands.

With an increased emphasis on food safety demanded by today’s consumers, customers and international authorities, Mydibel makes it a priority to keep up with the latest hygienic design standards and requirements. Partnering with Bosch Packaging Technology, its long-standing partner, Mydibel found the optimal packaging solution to ensure the highest possible product quality and a hygienic environment to meet the hygiene standards of today and tomorrow.

Mydibel chose Bosch’s vertical form, fill and seal machine SVC 4020 to package its potato products in 500 grams to 2.5 kilogram pillow bags at a speed of up to 70 bags per minute. The continuous motion solution was designed to prevent contamination and simplify cleaning. It also helped Mydibel to meet high hygiene requirements and achieve efficient production.


“Quality is the essence of the Mydibel philosophy and we expect the same from our suppliers,” says Carlo Mylle, CEO of the Mydibel Group. “The SVC bagger from Bosch meets our needs perfectly. Thanks to its easy-to-clean design, high-quality bags, and flexible set-up, the new technology helps us keep our customers happy and loyal.”






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