Sustainability at Bosch. New technologies protect the environment.


Increasing urbanization, an ageing population and smaller households are changing the requirements for food and pharma packaging. At the same time, there is a growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions and processes. There is a call for packaging made from easily separated materials, mono-materials and renewable resources using environmentally friendly processes. We at Bosch are working actively with our partners to develop technical solutions for ecological challenges.


New packaging solutions with ecological added value

An example for the successful development of a sustainable packaging solution is the first sealed paper packaging for dry foods such as sugar, flour, pasta, grains or powders. Instead of polymer films, they are made out of mono-material paper and are completely recyclable. There are also promising food packaging solutions based on bioplastics, which frequently have a better carbon footprint than traditional plastics.


Careful use of natural resources

Although the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry are more complex due to higher barrier requirements, here too are innovative concepts for a more responsible use of natural resources. New energy recovery concepts, for example, make significant savings in the sterilization process possible. Reusing heating and cooling energy mean energy savings of up to 40 percent for heating and up to 60 percent for cooling. The latest pure steam generation and distillation systems have reduced heating steam requirements by around 30 percent.


Sustainability thanks to Industry 4.0

The latest Industry 4.0 software solutions reveal how food and pharmaceuticals manufacturers can save resources with existing machinery: Which equipment consumes the most energy for which process steps? Thanks to an increasing connection in production means that more and more data is available, which can be used to analyze consumption. For example, sensors provide information on energy and compressed air consumption to optimize production, making it more efficient and more environmentally friendly.


In the future, Bosch Packaging Technology will continue to work intensively on new solutions that help you make your packaging and processes more sustainable, or support you in implementing optimizations using I4.0 solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Annette Soyke

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