2018: Top six pack styles for liquid and viscous food

Top 6 pack styles

Dairy and food manufacturers must not only be innovative, but need to quickly adapt to changing market demands. Consumers increasingly demand foods without preservatives, in individual portions, the ability to customize, grab-and-go snack packs, more flavor options, as well as value-driven larger family size portions. Our technologies enable manufacturers to to quickly adapt production to meet consumer demands.

As part of Bosch Packaging Technology, the portfolios from Osgood Industries, Inc. and Ampack GmbH open up a wide range of packaging solutions for filling liquid and viscous dairy and food products into preformed cups, including:

1.ESL (extended shelf life) product packaging without preservatives:
Ultra-clean machines make it possible to extend the shelf life of refrigerated dairy products such as Greek yogurt and other food products. Aseptically filled products can even reach a shelf-life of up 12 months without cooling.

2. Split cup packaging:
Customization of dairy with other products continues to trend. Toppings like honey, fruit or dry ingredients like cereal, nuts, granola or chocolate bits turn a standard product into a premium one.

3. Grab n’ go snack packs
4. On-the-go healthy snack cups:

Packaging that allows your main product to be presented alongside dry ingredients in compartmentalized packaging or filled domed lids make dipping complementary products (like small breadsticks, crackers, pretzels, pita chips, convenient for customers. This is popular with a variety of snacks and dips, like hummus and salsa and with nut butters, but the possibilities are endless.

5. Multipacks / club store packs:
Packaging of multiple flavors into one carton or flat offers variety. Fill and seal 3 flavors or more simultaneously on one machine. Change combinations to meet market demand.

6. Family size:
Respond to market demand by offering a range of sizes. Fill a range of cup sizes with the same diameter or fill different cup shapes on one machine with sequential plates.This is popular for all kinds of products from yogurt to potato salad.


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