Endload cartoner for Indian spices

Spices are used for several products such as tea, bakery and snacks for flavor and taste, with an increasing demand globally. As a leading producer and exporter of spices and agro food products, India produces more than 2.7 million tons of spices per year.

The Spice Board of India has been working towards the development of worldwide promotion of spices. The major challenge for them is to maintain the product quality and flavor. [1]


One of the leading manufacturer of spices in India reached out to Bosch to package their spice bags into cartons. With the recently acquired Kliklok-Woodman Corporation, Bosch is able to offer an even wider range of cartoning and product handling machines.

The challenge was to transfer the bags in a continuous flow from three incoming sources into one cartoning machine – this was achieved using the Kliklok Triplex Cascade Loader which allowed three streams to be timed and dropped onto the infeed conveyor of the Kliklok Prima cartoner.


The speed details are as follows:

  • Product arriving from three bag-makers, each running at 110ppm
  • Cartoning speed of 330 cartons per minute



Using RFID tags, Bosch could provide a fail-safe format change, ensuring that the correct parts are fitted to match the SKU recipe on the screen before the machine is allowed to run. The ‘easy-fit’ design of these change parts mean that repeatable format changes on the Kliklok Prima can be completed in less than 10 minutes.


Other features included a SIKO feedback-style digital readout system to ensure any adjustments are made correctly before the machine will start, plus pre-positioned bag length sensors on the Cascade Loader to ensure the right size bag is allowed to pass through and menu driven selection on the HMI.  It all combined to deliver a completely reliable and dependable system.


So if you are looking for an automated and efficient endload cartoning solution, please get in touch with us on the contact details below.


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