Taking care of biscuits

At interpack Bosch will present three system solutions with different automation levels for packaging biscuits or crackers in slug or pile packs.

Modular systems: Automation step by step  

At interpack, we will be showing two fully automated modular systems, although producers can also improve the level of automation in small incremental steps, for instance by adding automated end-of-line solutions to reduce labor costs.

The first modular system at the show packages biscuits in slug packs. Coming from the vibratory infeed, the Smart Measuring Loader portions the biscuits and places them into trays. Then the Smart Slug Feeder places the trays into the infeed of our horizontal wrapper Pack 301 LS. For secondary packaging, we will be showing the Kliklok SFR endload cartoner with TRAC-i infeed and the new Elematic 1001 SL case packer.

As part of the second modular system for producing pile packs, we will debut our innovative magazine feeder SPL (Smart Pile Loader). It allows for automatic and dynamic lane balancing to compensate for variances in product supply and thus guarantees high output with gentle product handling. You can switch between different stack configurations easily via the intuitive HMI. The biscuit stacks are fed to the new horizontal flow wrapper Pack 403. Then, the reliably heat-sealed pile packs are packaged into cartons by the new integrated topload cartoner, Kliklok ITC. Finally, the cartons are manually packed into shipping cases.

Two-lane high-performance system for single, slug and pile packs

Our third biscuit system at interpack is the advanced new two-lane version of our successful Two-in-One biscuit system that guarantees exceptionally gentle product handling at compact footprint. For the first time, a packaging system for biscuits and crackers can produce single, pile and slug packs on two independent lanes at different output ranges.

The featured new Sigpack DHRG (Head of Line) distributes and aligns up to 400 rows of round, oval or square biscuits per minute, regardless of the processing pattern. The products are flow wrapped by the new Sigpack HMAD wrapper that features two sealing stations and produces at high speeds, with heat or cold-sealing. The integrated linear motor technology guarantees maximum efficiency, speed and flexibility.

 To learn more about our three biscuit system solutions, visit Bosch at interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany, from May 4-10, 2017, Hall 6, C 30 – A31.


Andreas Schildknecht
Product Manager
+41 58 674-7726


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