Sigpack TTM1 from Syntegon increases productivity at Bridgetown Natural Foods

Bridgetown Natural Foods is a young and successful manufacturing partner focused on the organic snacks market. The fast growing company’s 300 employees produce and package a wide range of products including bars, biscuits and granolas for their customers.

Flexibility is particularly important to contract manufacturers, who produce and package goods for various customers and markets. A producer of more than 20 different types of organic granola bars, for instance, decided to contract with Bridgetown Natural Foods due to its innovative and flexible production and packaging process.


Apart from the wide product selection, the customer’s different formats need to be packaged efficiently – avoiding spoilage and optimizing the plant’s footprint. Once the bars leave the horizontal flow wrapper, they are packaged into 4-count retail cartons, 12-count display cartons or several sizes in between. Quick changeover times are crucial in order to switch between formats with maximum efficiency.


Flexibility as a factor for success

Bridgetown Natural Foods invested in flexible automation solutions for its secondary packaging with three Sigpack TTM1 topload cartoners. The TTM’s patented format change concept enables easy and tool-free changeovers within just a few minutes. The vertical restart takes place with no additional time required for supplementary fine adjustments.


Specifically for companies such as Bridgetown the Sigpack TTM1 is a good investment in the future. New customer formats can be implemented efficiently thanks to the format sets which are easy to change. The reliability and consistent high output, in a comparatively compact space, are further reasons as to why Bridgetown decided on the TTM1.


Bosch Sigpack TTM's easy format change

Syntegon Sigpack TTM’s easy format change


Dan Klock, CEO of Bridgetown Natural Foods, says: “We are very pleased. We’ve been able to increase our OEE significantly thanks to the consistent high output of the TTM1. The new machines were incorporated smoothly into the existing packaging lines and commissioned quickly. We were able to attain maximum production levels from the very first day.”

Through the high performance of the Sigpack TTM1, the horizontal flow wrapper was also able to run a higher number of cycles. Line volume increased by more than 40 percent.



Dan Klock, CEO Bridgetown Natural Foods

Dan Klock, CEO of Bridgetown Natural Foods



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