BVK 1200- Reliable candy wrapping solution from Bosch!

‘Life is better with lots of candy’And, Bosch Packaging Technology has a perfect solution for your candy packaging needs.

The newly launched BVK 1200 comes with proven and affordable Bosch quality and an excellent package and sealing quality. Thanks to its simple design, the BVK 1200 is easy to operate and flexible. With toolless changeover, the machine is quick and easy to maintain.


The BVK 1200 can handle products like hard boiled candies, deposited candies, dragees, coated balls, chewing gums, chiclets and many more. It can run on all heat sealable PET/CPP and BOPP films. This operator friendly machine has an output of up to 1200 ppm depending on the film and the product.


So, when thinking of candy packaging, think of Bosch. The best packaging solution provider. Your candies are safe with us.


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