More than just a standard bearer: 3-A certification for AMPACK carousel filler

At the beginning of February, a carousel filler made by Bosch Packaging Technology subsidiary AMPACK GmbH in Königsbrunn, Germany, successfully obtained 3-A certification. This means that in addition to the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) standard, all AMPACK carousel fillers can now also meet the 3-A hygiene standards for the United States.

Developed by the US organization 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc., the 3-A standards specify how food machines are to be designed, manufactured, installed, and cleaned in order to maintain hygiene. Upholding 3-A standards helps to ensure that food is filled and packaged safely while also improving on-site quality. Every five years, AMPACK’s compliance with 3-A standards will be reviewed and the product recertified.

AMPACK’s journey toward 3-A certification began back in fall 2013 when a team of AMPACK engineers traveled to Chicago to discuss the carousel filler with 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. Six months later, a 3-A representative visited Königsbrunn to see firsthand how work on the machine was progressing. The visit also included providing 3-A standards training for those associates involved in the design process, to make sure all existing and future plans meet the standards, and to check the quality of completed parts.

The intensive preparations and efforts of the development, design, process technology, and assembly departments have paid off: AMPACK can now offer its customers carousel fillers that meet 3-A certification standards. This will prove a major advantage when dealing with customers in the United States, where the 3-A standards are well and widely established. What’s more, this also helps all AMPACK customers that plan to launch their products on the US market. Machines that already meet 3‑A guidelines for design, manufacture, and installation wind up selling better in the United States.

AMPACK GmbH in Königsbrunn manufactures filling and packaging machines as well as complete filling lines for preformed cups and bottles used to package liquid and viscous products at ultra-clean and aseptic hygiene levels. These machines are used predominantly in the dairy industry and in the production of baby and hospital food.



Markus Zimmermann
engineering and design
phone: +49(8231)6005-231



Picture: The site management and the interdisciplinary “3-A team” are proud to present the certified carousel filler (source: Bosch)


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