Important Spare Parts Announcement for Vertical Baggers

We would like to inform you that there are several valves that will become obsolete as of December 2016. Please review the below flyer and contact your Bosch Packaging Services representative to assist you in preparing for this upcoming change.


Please find all information in this PDF.

The following parts will become obsolete.

Festo Supplied Assemblies to become obsolete:

  • 8-110-128-826 valve bank (used on SVE3800’s)
  • 8-110-128-825 valve bank (used on SVE2510’s)

Including these valve bank components

  • 8-110-127-487 valve solenoid
  • 8-110-127-489 bridge current
  • 8-110-127-488 valve solenoid
  • 8-110-127-490 bridge solenoid


Please contact your Bosch Packaging Services representative for more information.
phone: (+1) 919-877-0886

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