Confectionery Forming Dies for Hard Candy Production


The history of candy dates back to ancient times.  As candy production evolved, Bosch became an expert in manufacturing candy processing machines.  In the 1960s, hard candy production grew to be a Bosch specialty.  With many key variables in hard candy production, the forming die is fundamental.  Bosch’s forming die heads are smooth-running, low-wear, high-speed dies.  Our forming dies are very versatile and are compatible with all types of hard candy production equipment.

Bosch Packaging Services offers candy-die consulting services to ensure optimal die selection for your candy mass.  For new candy formats, send in your sample and we can supply you with a 3D graphic design and prototype.  We offer many solutions available in virtually all shapes, sizes and consistencies as well as fill or no-fill options.

Take a look at the Confectionery Forming Dies for Hard Candy Production brochure attached.

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