Troubleshooting Following Errors on Linium Wrappers


Following Errors are one of the most commonly reported errors. Several weeks ago, we published a blog post pertaining specifically to Troubleshooting Following Errors on Stratus Wrappers. While this topic was very well received and helpful for those of you with Stratus wrappers, what about those of you with Linium wrappers? This week, we will provide a few simple steps to Linium (PC-104) Open Loop Diagnostics.

As discussed previously, a Following Error is generated by the machine motion controller triggering incorrect feedback from the motor to the computer.

The Open Loop diagnostic allows maintenance personnel to select a motor, enter a voltage (velocity) and run the motor (enable). Once the desired motor is selected, the velocity is set, and the enable is set to yes, pull out the emergency stop button. Press and hold in the start button. The selected motor will run in an open loop mode as long as the start button is held in.

Access the “Diagnostic Open Loop” screen to display information helpful to diagnose motors and encoders.

Note: The Emergency Stop button must be pressed in before entering this diagnostic for the function to work.


The diagnostic screen displays the following information:

Motor: Turn the Press-To-Accept knob to select the desired servo motor drive (infeed, finwheels, or cutting head; power feed roll and discharge motors are not servo motors and cannot be tested with this diagnostic).

Velocity: Indicates the desired analog voltage being sent to the motor drive. Turn the Press-To-Accept knob to change the analog voltage.

Enable: To start the diagnostic, rotate the Press-To-Accept knob to display “Yes”. This will enable the drive.

Encoder: Indicates the encoder position of the selected motor. When the motor is rotating in the correct direction, this value should be incrementing.

Direction: Indicates the status and direction the motor is rotating. When the motor is rotating, it should display “Forward”.

And just like that, you’re back in business! Continue to watch for future posts pertaining Following Error troubleshooting as well as other tech tops for Bosch Wrappers. If you are interested in tech tips not specific to Following Errors, inquire and we will publish a blog that can be helpful for everyone!

As always, contact our technical experts for further assistance with your Bosch Packaging Equipment.



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