5 Steps to Troubleshooting a Following Error on Stratus Wrappers


A Following Error is generated by the machine motion controller triggering incorrect feedback from the motor to the computer.  In Layman’s terms, the motor was commanded to move to a specified point in a specified amount of time, if it does not get there in the correct amount of time, a fault occurs, and this is called a Following Error.   A simple product jam or mechanical failure may cause a Following Error resulting in unnecessary downtime.  Should this fault occur, do you know how to quickly and effectively diagnose the problem?

Open and closed loop speed commands are used to troubleshoot motors, cabling, amplifiers, resolver feedback, and wiring associated with the close loop feedback.


By using the diagnostics drive setup, a small voltage can be sent to an individual axis without the machine homed or synched. By monitoring the direction on the drive set-up screen you can also verify the correct encoder feedback. Note: All the amplifiers cabling and motors are the same. Cable swapping can be done to easily identify a bad component.

Note: Machine must have power off and locked out while swapping cables.

The below picture is an example of moving the cutting head motor cable and feedback to the finwheel drive. Once the cables are swapped output a speed command from the finwheel axis to verify if the motor or the amplifier is the problem.


Perform the following steps to access the diagnostics screen and the drive set-up screens:

Step 1: Press the diagnostics key on the control panel. (Figure 1 screen will appear.)

Step 2: Rotate the press to accept button until the drive set-up is highlighted.

Step 3: Push the press to accept button. (Figure 2 screen will appear.)


Step 4: By rotating the press to accept dial, select the axis you wish to run and set the enable motion on.

Step 5: Set output voltage to approximately 1 volt and press start.

Note: All emergency switches have to be pulled out and guard switches closed.

Watch for future posts and tech tips pertaining Following Error troubleshooting for other Bosch Wrappers (Stratus, Linium, Pack Wrapper PC-104/WinPack Key Pad and Pack Wrapper Touch Screen).

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