New Sealing Jaw Systems for your Bosch Vertical Baggers


In recent years, Bosch Packaging sealing systems have had many great improvements. If you are still running your original set of seal jaws contact your Bosch sales representative or customer service representative for information on the new technologies we can now offer. From the latest in poly weld sealing systems to heat seal laminate, Bosch can offer the newest technologies to improve the efficiency of your machine, meaning less product rework and greater case counts with every run.

We strive to not only increase the efficiency of your machine but to also support your overall business. Because many of you are looking for ways to cut cost and implement better inventory control systems we have developed our newer sealing systems to be stretched across different Bosch machine generations. The common seal jaw parts allow you to stock fewer spares and better transfer technical knowledge across bagging lines within your own organization and with less confusion.

So whether you are looking to double the poly seal weld on your continuous motion Bosch bagger or need our vertical serrated seal jaw for your brown heat seal paper, Bosch Packaging Services will work with you to find the best solution.

Be prepared for this, and other potential issues with your packaging machine with Bosch Packaging Services Preventive Maintenance kits. We have compiled kits with OEM parts and recommended replacement intervals to take the guesswork out of preventive maintenance and eliminate time consuming ordering of individual small parts.* Save not only on shipping costs but also 5% off the price of the individual parts when ordered as a complete kit.

Download the Brochures:

PM Kits for SVB

PM Kits for SVE, SVK

For more information on our preventive maintenance offerings, including Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements, or to be entered into our monthly drawing for Bosch power tool, Contact Us.



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