Temperature control tips for your Doboy Stratus packaging machine


Having trouble maintaining the temperature in your wrapper can lead to inappropriately sealed packages, burned packaging and overall just a big quality headache. If you are experiencing a problem with your temperature control our technical experts recommend that you do a thorough check of your collector rings. Although other factors could also be contributing to your temperature control problem, these are some quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive things you can check and replace early in the process.


For safety reasons ensure that you have first disconnected power to the machine. Open the front panel and remove the guard.Bosch

First check the strength of the springs. If they are not holding the silver braids tightly to the ring, they could be causing your temperature control issue and would need to be replaced.

If the springs are still taut, check the silver braids for obvious wear. You will notice an obvious thinness to the braids and they will no longer be making good contact with the collector rings. Again, if you notice any of these issues its time for a replacement of the silver braids.

Next check the carbon brushes. Remember though, the caps on the carbon brushes are spring loaded and have a tendency to get away from you. Remove the cap carefully and check the length of the brush, if less than approximately a half inch that part will also need to be replaced. Also when checking the brushes (or when replacing them) check that the brushes are contacting the center of the rings. If not, adjust the ring assembly to the center the brush.


Also at this time make sure that all four wires attached to the end of the collector ring are secure and undamaged.

And last but not definitely not least, checBoschk to make sure the collector ring is securely attached to the shaft. The collector ring set screw should be tightened to 10-12 inch pounds of pressure.

While the collector rings are exposed and the power off go ahead and check the ring surfaces for any minor scuff marks as well. These can easily be cleaned up by carefully buffing them out with a standard pencil eraser.

If the temperature control issue persists contact your Bosch Packaging Services customer support contact to further assist you with the problem.

Be prepared for this, and other potential issues with your packaging machine with Bosch Packaging Services Preventive Maintenance kits. We have compiled kits with OEM parts and recommended replacement intervals to take the guesswork out of preventive maintenance and eliminate time consuming ordering of individual small parts. Save not only on shipping costs but also 5% off the price of the individual parts when ordered as a complete kit.


For more information on all of our preventive maintenance offerings, including Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements, download the brochure or Contact Us.



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