5 steps to replacing the knives on your Bosch Packaging Machine


Cutting knives are essential components for the efficient operation of packaging machines. We have developed and manufactured our own cutting knives at Bosch since the inception of the first, hand cranked chocolate wrapper in 1906, but we didn’t stop there. We have continued improving on the overall design of our knives in order to provide you with the best product for your Bosch Packaging machine. All of our knives incorporate a diagonal cutting edge design that will significantly reduce the pressure exerted on the blade and significantly reduce wear and tear. This has proved the most efficient setup for both food and pharmaceutical packaging applications.


Material options:

Premium Tool Steel

Tungsten Carbide (offers up to 3 times the service life, compared with tool steel blades)


Available Cutting Edges:

Straight diagonal

Zigzag diagonal, 2mm and 3mm pitch

Zigzag diagonal, 2mm and 3mm pitch with overcut for easy tearing

Bracket, 6mm pitch, for very easy tearing


Available Dimensions:

Width: 3mm and 5mm

Length: 90 – 300mm

Special lengths on request


For flawless performance and maximum service life of our knives, careful installation and setup of the cross seal station are of upmost importance. As a general guideline we recommend you proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the worn knives, anvils and shims
  2. Check/adjust cross seal jaws for perfect mesh
  3. Run wrapping material (without any product or knives and anvils, but with the heater on if applicable) through the machine and adjust jaw distance and pressure until you achieve the desired seal on the wrapping material and a smooth and quiet interaction of the upper and lower cross seal jaws.
  4. Insert the new set of knives and anvils into the cross seal jaws with the minimum amount of shims underneath the anvil (0.1 – 0.2 mm).
  5. Test run and if needed, increase the amount of shims underneath the knifeuntil the film cuts reliably in the speed range of the machine.

Shims are available in 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm thickness

Be better prepared for a quick parts change on your Bosch Sigpack machine with our Preventive Maintenance Kits. We have compiled kits with OEM parts and recommended replacement intervals to take the guesswork out of preventive maintenance and eliminate time consuming ordering of individual small parts.* Save not only on shipping costs but also 5% off the price of the individual parts when ordered as a complete kit.

For more information on our preventive maintenance offerings, including Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements, download the brochure.



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