New and rebuilt slip rings available for Bosch Sigpack Hxx series flow wrappers


Bosch Packaging Services’ Hxx (Bosch Sigpack horizontal flow wrapper) machines have performed with great success all over the world, with the first machines having been commissioned in the early nineties. Bosch In recent years several modernization options have become available in order to improve efficiency and to avoid obsolescence.

Most recently, an improved model of slip rings has become available. They feature harder, rhodium coated slip tracks as opposed to the softer gold plated ones featured on the older generation items and are designed to handle up to 500 million revolutions (approximately 15,000-20,000 production hours). The new slip rings also have the same installation dimensions as the older version and are therefore easily exchanged.

We are also able to rebuild and upgrade certain older generation slip rings at our factory at up to 30% below the cost of new ones. Contact us to find out if this is an option for you.

In addition to individual parts upgrades, we have a number of Preventive Maintenance solutions available. Take a look at our most recent preventive maintenance kits for your HSM and HBM machine and related infeeds.

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