Obsolescence Kits CMC Power Supply 407041 and Amplifier 407040


In an effort to reduce unexpected downtime due to the obsolescence announcement for the CMC Power Supply 407041 and amplifier 407040 that is currently part of older Doboy wrappers,  Bosch has developed two new complete upgrade solutions.  The obsolescence announcement affects servo drives and power supplies for older wrappers such as some of the Doboy J-wrappers, Microtronic, Servotronic and Super Mustang wrappers.

The Allen Bradley and Beckhoff controls upgrades provide a complete individualized controls upgrade with either the Allen Bradley ControlLogix Processor or the Beckhoff Industrial PC Controller with modular I/O.

For specific information on each upgrade solution please download the product brochures below.

Allen Bradley Controls Upgrade

WinPack Controls Upgrade



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