Preventive Maintenance Solutions Overview


Anybody familiar with a fast-paced industrial production environment knows that preventive maintenance is a key components of achieving a high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). By taking machines out of production for a short time in regular intervals, wear parts can be replaced and necessary adjustments made. This in turn prevents unplanned downtime, which can be very disruptive in an integrated packaging line, and potentially much harder to repair.


Preventive Maintenance Agreements

A basic building block of our preventive maintenance solution are Preventive Maintenance Agreements. Through regular service visits, a  Preventive Maintenance Agreement ensures that the right periodic maintenance is done at the right time. This does not replace maintenance by plant staff, but enhances it with expert advice and knowledge transfer to plant mechanics and operators.

Preventive Maintenance Kits

In addition to the Preventive Maintenance Agreement, we offer specific Preventive Maintenance Kits.  These kits contain all parts that need to be replaced at a certain interval, for example bearings, springs, etc. Most kits are available in two versions, one for more frequent minor maintenance (typically every six-twelve months), and one for major maintenance (typically every 3-5 years).

The following kits are available:

Preventive Maintenance Kits for HSx and HBx flow-wrappers and related infeeds
Preventive Maintenance Kits for Stratus, Linium and Pack 201 wrappers
Preventive Maintenance Kits for SVB baggers
Preventive Maintenance Kits for SVE and SVK baggers
Preventive Maintenance Kits for GKF capsule fillers
Preventive Maintenance Kits for TL Large 8 pump fillers

If your machine is not in the list, please contact us. In many cases we are able to create a custom kit that fits your needs.

PM Kits and Preventive Maintenance Agreements are available separate or in combination. To learn more or to place an order, please Contact Us.



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